The 101 Group is a back to basics spiritual investment company that uses all forms of communication to encourage and exhort you to become all that you can be in Christ and equip you to effectively fulfill your calling.

The 101 Group is a for-profit business organization that consists of people who desire to invest in God’s work and His ministers.  We are a spiritually-led company that houses the most important message on earth – the message that Jesus gave and lived. We want to equip the body of Christ to effectively serve the Lord through written and spoken word, using our publications, music, large and small concert or teaching venues, and MASH icu, a comprehensive program for men, which includes The Family Rescue Campaign.


Our goal is to spur on the body of Christ to live the crucified life of Christ and allow Him to have full sway in every area of life. Now, more than ever, we believe every follower of Jesus must do what it takes to sell out completely in total surrender to Him to rise above the increasing darkness of this age. It is our desire to find ways to help individuals come to know the heart of Father God, the fullness of Jesus Christ, and the wonder of the Holy Spirit. Our heart focus is to assist those who choose to go deeper with God by providing tools and resources to help them pursue the development of the bridal heart that awaits the return of Jesus Christ by means of the cross of Christ.