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The Family Rescue Campaign

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“Stemming the tide of broken families and rebuilding, one man, ONE FAMILY at a time.”
  • The Need
    There is an epidemic in this land.
    Visibly, it is an epidemic of impotent fathers, mediocre or shattered marriages, broken families, and hurting children. Spiritually it is a catastrophic misunderstanding of what our Lord’s intention is for families and the men that oversee them. As a remedy, He is asking that marriages once again become an example of the relationship between Christ and His church. He is reminding us, as men, of the truth that each of us will stand before God one day, hoping to present those we steward as a significant heritage. He is asking us to provide an atmosphere for our wives and children to prosper and become everything they can be in Christ. 

None of us can undo the mistakes we’ve made before we gave our lives over to the Lord; but we can live our new lives in Christ and help others come out of the darkness we once were in - all because of God's forgiveness and His covenant promises. As men, we can devote our lives to helping those in our circle of influence to repair the consequences of their ill-chosen words or actions, and even help them to avoid the pitfalls we experienced all together. 


  • The Mission
    The Family Rescue Campaign has a mission to give hope to hundreds of thousands of families by providing resources to men who want to restore what has been lost, and families who are shipwrecked because of life’s challenges - fathers and families in need of rebuilding their lives and the lives of those they touch. Our materials are made to do just that.

The Family Rescue Campaign begins by supplying our book, The Father Factor, and our complete MASH icu support system free of charge to men and families in need of restoration. It is our hope that men - whether they are outwardly or inwardly prospering, struggling to find an answer for a specific problem, or totally separated from their wife or family - have the resources needed to rebuild and recapture God’s vision for their lives or the lives of those the Lord brings their way.

                                How You Can Help

  • Our Goal - to reach 20,000 families with each campaign
    Think of a field hospital in a war zone; people going to where the need is. City by city, we are looking for benefactors to partner with a host ministry of their choice, that will distribute The Father Factor and introduce the MASH icu program to other ministries working in their community - for example, prisons, church fellowships, marriage encounter seminars, men's groups or Bible studies ... 

This team concept of benefactors supplying resources to host ministries, who then work with recipient ministries and individuals in their community, allows everyone to function in their specific calling, while having a much greater impact as they work together and the ripple effect takes hold.


If you are a host ministry that desires to expand your impact in your community, or a benefactor who would delight in seeing this epidemic of shipwrecked marriages and broken families healed, while furthering the mission of a ministry of your choice, please contact us now to learn more about this far-reaching program. We will delight in working with you as we move forward together to see what God has planned for your community!

May the Lord bless you!

How to Get Involved

  • Become a prayer warrior
    Praying as a nation-wide team is paramount to the success of The Family Rescue Campaigns that the Lord establishes across the nation. We so appreciate your prayers!!
  • Become a recipient ministry
    If you need resources to enhance your impact, we can connect you with a host ministry for free copies of The Father Factor. Be sure to check out our blogs for other free resource material.