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Who We Are

Who We Are

Jim and Merry Corbett - Founders/Executive Officers

Jim and Merry Corbett -
Founders/Executive Officers


Jim is an author, heart revival coach, teacher, and public speaker. As a watchman with a prophetic anointing, his mission is to bring people to an understanding of the times and seasons in which we live, and lead them to be all they can be in Christ as a true place of safety. He loves to see people understand the thrill of knowing Jesus as their Lord, as he presents the heart of God in a unique fashion, using the Word, stories, and convicting exhortation to encourage Christ-­like responses to today’s challenges and the opportunities God provides to partner with Him in reaching others.

Merry is an accomplished pianist, composer/orchestrator, worship leader, and writer. Her heart mission is to encourage believers in discovering the wonder and truth available in the opportunity presented to everyone because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Equally important is her desire to see the integrity and love of Jesus formed in His church as they wholeheartedly commit to His Lordship.

Jim and Merry's daughter, Jubilee Faith, has a passion to see young girls and women find their identity in Christ. “Full sway” is a motto the Lord continues to impress on her heart daily - a reminder that our steadiness comes from fully surrendering everything we are to Jesus and God’s plan for our lives.

She is a songwriter, worship leader, blogger, people investor, friend, and verbal pun enthusiast. Her heart longs for people to know fully the wealth and hope they have in Christ.

Jubilee Faith - VP/Chief Operations Officer 

Jubilee Faith -
VP/Chief Operations Officer 

Rachel Hedblom - Research/Marketing Manager

Rachel Hedblom - Research/Marketing Manager

Rachel is a pianist, worship leader, and wife and mother to her beautiful family. She loves encouraging and investing in those around her, drinking coffee, being her own personal radio wherever she goes, and helping out with any computer- related task she can.

Her heart mission is to take her gifts (whether it be worshipping with a room full of believers, typing away at a computer, or cooking a meal for someone in need) and use them for God's glory! She strives to put Jesus first in everything she does and let His love shine through her.