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1/12/18 Is the Game Plan in Place?

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

You need to remember that the enemy of your soul despises giving up any stronghold he has established against you. When you make the all-important decision to no longer offend God with your life and seek all of God’s spiritual wealth for you and your family, you can plan on challenges coming your way from every direction. Many will come from those members of the church who choose to remain in their impotence. Many of those who purport to be your best friends will be the ones who become the most steadfast in their zeal to help you remain as you are. You need to understand this, anticipate the kinds of opposition that will come your way; and have a game plan ready to counteract any deterrents by continuing on with wisdom and zeal. Let me say once more that you need to remember your battle is a spiritual one, not a war against whoever is used to attempt to hinder your submission to Jesus and His ways. Turn to Him for the power and wisdom necessary for you to oversee your marriage and your family.

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Jim Corbett