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1/08/18 The Assessment

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

Everyone who follows Jesus has very specific moments in their lives that are pivotal to their relationship with Him and the direction they take in life. This specific instant may very well be one of those moments for you. If you have followed the theme of this writing, you were initially given the opportunity to understand how far away you may be from the plan of God. You quite possibly have progressed toward assessing those things in your life that are out of line with that plan, and more than likely have understood there is nothing you can do to bring about real, eternal change in your own strength. Having done all of that, this timeframe of preparing your heart for change and counting the cost of those changes may be the most important timeframe of your life. Don’t take this time lightly!  Don’t let this moment slip away, allowing you to remain spiritually impotent - possibly for the rest of your days.

You need to ask yourself if this is your timeframe to stop offending God through living a lackluster spiritual life even though you say you follow Jesus and His ways. Is this your time to fully realize who you really are supposed to be in Christ and then determine to live that way?

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Jim Corbett