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1/04/18 Do You Hear Him?

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

The mature or covenant heart of Jesus is being prepared in God’s people at this present time in preparation for the moment of His return and for the work that is to be accomplished in the last days before His return. The mature heart is a heart identical to the heart of Jesus. It pumps with the blood of the cross.

Jesus will not come back for a church that has passions and desires that differ from His. He will not marry a bride with whorish longings, someone who wishes to be satisfied by the world or any of its ways. He will not align Himself with anyone who does not share His desire to please His Father and complete the Father’s plans both now and through eternity.

To be part of the work the Lord is doing in these days, your carnal life must be crucified and your fleshly desires must be purposefully put to death. The Holy Spirit is wooing those who will hear to surrender everything that does not line up with the Word and heart of God for its destruction – for the Lord’s sake and yours. If you haven’t heard Him in the past, hopefully you will hear Him soon for time appears to be running out. It’s your choice.

This call, to have a heart identical to the heart of Jesus, is the highest call anyone who claims to follow Him can receive.  It’s a call of separation unto Jesus and Him alone, a call of consecration, a call to absolute holiness. It’s a call which can be answered in only one way, by agreeing to the total elimination of anything that’s of the world and its ways and by embracing only those things Jesus embraces. It’s a call to the men of God who are designated to be leaders of the true church of Jesus Christ in the coming times, guiding and directing others to the heart of Jesus and overcoming the ways of the world, just as Jesus did, under His full and complete Lordship. How are you doing with that as a father covering his wife and family?

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Jim Corbett