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9/15/17 A Man of God

“He’s a man of God.” There is no higher honor one can pay another than to call him a man of God. In a world of people seeking reputation or attempting to place their mark on society, this man stands out. Think of the heart joy you would have if your wife or children were asked to give a description of you and said those words: “My husband is a man of God!” Or, “My father is a man of God!”

Seeking the heart in which God functions is a difficult road. It means pursuing a crucified life. It means you consider everyone else before you consider your own needs, just like Jesus did. It means your wife is fully aware that she is placed in high esteem in your eyes, and you would lay down your life for her. It means your children can rest assured that every decision you make that involves them is for their best interests.

If you want to be known for something, seek to be known as a man of God. It happens when you decide you desire no reputation. It happens when God is your only purpose for living. It happens when you consider everyone else before you consider your own needs. It’s a name others may label you, but it can only be given to you by God and acquired from your knees!

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Jim Corbett


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