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8/18/17 Time is of the Essence

How much time do you think we have before our world changes to the point that we no longer have the freedoms we have today? How much time can you guarantee you’ll have with your wife or children? When is the proper time for you to make the changes needed to bring your family to wholeness? Should you start after that next important business project is completed? How about once that promotion comes through? Maybe after you have the time to spend with the Lord so you have His wisdom, you’ll put things in God’s order.

Take it from a man who threw away a better part of his life before he knew any better; time is of the essence! There are many days I wish I had said this or done that to invest in those who relied on me to live up to my calling as a husband and father. So many opportunities were wasted, opportunities that could’ve changed the life course of those involved. What I should have done then is impossible to do now for many reasons.

Now is the time to make whatever changes you need to make. Now is the time to show those who love and count on you how valuable they are in God’s eyes and in yours. Now is the time to do whatever is necessary to uphold your offices of husband and father in a way that pleases God. Tomorrow may be too late. Do it now! Delaying anything truly important - especially concerning the lives of those you love - is foolish.

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Jim Corbett