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7/22/17 The Price of Compromise

Compromise as seen through our eyes is very different than how God sees it. As men, we see working overtime hours to provide a better house or a newer car as being a good steward. The Lord may see it as robbing our children of our presence in their lives. We may think that by going on a two week vacation with the family, we’ve provided our dutiful input into our children’s lives, when the Lord is asking us to invest in them on our knees and in their presence on a continual daily basis.

We may settle for a marriage that seems as good as anyone else’s, when God is asking that don’t settle for anything less than a marriage that’s a mirror of the relationship between Christ and His church. We may think that being a breadwinner is the fulfillment of our obligation, when God asks us to lay our lives down for our wives just as Christ did for us.

Compromise, as God sees it, is acting in any way other than the way Jesus acted. His purpose for your offices is to create an atmosphere in your marriage and your family in the same way that Jesus would. Because you say that you follow Him, you are to act and conduct yourself in the same way that He acted and conducted Himself. We must ask ourselves; in what spirit would Jesus honor the office of husband and father, and then act accordingly.  Acting as Jesus would in every situation we face is not legalism; it’s Christianity 101.

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Jim Corbett