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3/10/17 Time to Get Right

With recent bombings as more evidence that the world is changing, we, as husbands and fathers, are being shown our helplessness in protecting those we are stewards of unless we direct them to God. Only in Christ is there a place that can't be touched by the horrors of the world. Our job is to make sure that those we love are given an atmosphere in which they can prosper in Christ.

Jubilee, my daughter, shares some of the comments she observes on Facebook from her peers- comments about elections, terrorist activities, and just life in general. It is amazing how far some of them are from the wisdom of God. It is also evident that most attitudes are formed by social education, rather than guided by those who have a strong spiritual background, which should be their parents.

Dads, you will be held accountable before God for the example you set for your children. With that in mind, what are you doing in front of them to guide them to a Christ-like perspective of the world around them versus a world perspective? Do you ever even talk with them as a family about the prospects they may face in the future and how they can overcome them? Do you know what to do yourself because you have been with God?

If you have no ability to teach your children what it is to act like a man or woman of God because your life is light years from acting like a man of God yourself, you need to make some changes fast, before it's too late. Each and every moment their opinions and beliefs are being formed by the world and its ways. If you have no influence in their perspectives because you don't exhibit the kind of life that they can respect, you have missed your calling. It's time to get right with God, and then do what is right in His eyes in front of their eyes. Are you on board?

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Jim Corbett