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12/23/17 Little Impact

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

Today, the church in general, once motivated by the early morning discovery of the open grave and empowered by the blood that was shed on the cross, is a mere shadow of what it once was. In most cases, the church of Jesus Christ is ineffective against the sin in their midst. Christians - those who say they are followers of the Lord of all that ever existed, those endowed with the same power Jesus had when He walked on the earth, those who can call upon the Almighty, Supreme, Everlasting, One True, Living God any time they want - are placed on the same level in the eyes of the world as those who believe in the gods men make with the imaginations of their hardened hearts and minds.

The very sad fact is we deserve to be there. By our weak, selfish lives, we exhibit to the world a powerless, ineffective, religious Jesus who is incapable of delivering us from the challenges, lusts, and bondages of the world in which we live. There is no visible distinction between most of us and those who follow their man-made gods.

Today, the character and integrity of the first followers of Jesus the Christ, those who may even have witnessed the cross, are nowhere to be found in most fellowships, most families, and most marriages. Remnant believers, those who do want to live only as Jesus lived, have a difficult time finding places to feed their starving spirits. Programs to entertain and occupy have replaced the pursuit of having face-to-face contact with Jesus. School systems have become our children’s life teachers rather than their parents’ exhibition of the life of Christ Himself. Selfishness has replaced service and fleshly gods have our allegiance rather than the God of the heavens. Families reel under the lifeless direction of spiritually impotent husbands and fathers, which causes societies to be little impacted by those called of God to teach them His ways. Pray!

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Jim Corbett

Jim and Merry CorbettComment