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12/22/17 Do You Mirror Jesus?

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

The spiritually impotent man has little knowledge of his offenses against God and therefore, probably has not spent any time trying to discern what they are. Thinking he’s a good Christian, he spends time in the Word, goes to church; and prays daily for assistance in his challenges and tasks. There have been few times in his spiritually impotent life, however, that he’s spent enough time in fellowship with the Lord and in the Word, to be sufficiently convicted to even want to change the life pattern he has determined for himself, much less exchange it for a life pattern that mirrors Jesus.

In the life of a spiritually impotent man, there may have been times of crisis or seasons of need when this man sought God diligently to fix a problem or give him a solution to his dilemma. Because Father God in His great mercy answered the prayer, this man now moves on thinking things are OK, basing his peace on his physical life being temporarily restored. If told to go deeper with God inwardly, however, to do whatever it takes to actually function in his world as Jesus would function, he would find the request an unnecessary distraction to the needs and demands of his daily life. In fact, he has shaken that kind of conviction off enough times that it no longer bothers him. He is spiritually immovable, even by God, if he considers the price too high to pay for anything he is called to do. What price are you willing to pay?

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