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12/20/17 From This Day Forward

Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

In His mercy, God is asking men, who can hear His heralding, to reclaim their offices of husband, father, and community leader. He is calling those with shattered marriages and disrupted families to find a way to repent of whatever happened in the past and begin to function in truth from this day forward. He is asking for the one contemplating marriage to truly investigate it from His perspective and determine to enter it with His heart for the best interests of his future mate, and chart a course so that each spouse can wholeheartedly undergird one another for God’s best interests. 

If they respond, He is removing the spiritual impotence that has held His men captive. He is in the process of restoring an eternal significance to the lives of those who choose to shake off their spiritual bondage. In truth, God is rebuilding His men to make their lives significant in His eyes, one day presenting a proper heritage to Him.  Get ready, Get set, Go!

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