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12/04/17 Wanted: Valiant, Honorable Men

In a world of marginal integrity, there’s a great need for valiant, honorable men. As representatives of Jesus Christ, we and our families are supposed to be the example of God’s promise for life, so others can see what is available to them. Our marriages should sparkle with the love of God. Our children should be the guiding light for their peers, who flounder around in the darkness.

The only way we, as husbands and fathers, can create an atmosphere that stimulates that kind of life is if we make time with God our priority. Nothing we have in our own strength or wisdom is capable of living the kind of life our Father desires for us. It can only be instilled in us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was a valiant, honorable man. He asks us to be the same and promises to equip us to become like Him if we only ask. Doing so, however, will require us to give up every portion of the world we hold dear. All our personal idols have to be submitted to the cross for their death. We need to be in full submission to His life of obedience to Father God.

Are you ready to give up a mediocre life and exchange it for the adventurous life available in Christ? Do you long to see those you steward glow with the life of Jesus? Do you desire that others look at your marriage and sense that the Lord has placed His presence upon it? Then go for it now! It all starts on your knees.

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Jim Corbett