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11/13/17 Great Commissions

Anyone who follows Jesus has been commissioned to tell others about the love and wonder of His life, death, and resurrection, so they can embrace Him for eternity. We are called to live His life before others in a world that offers no answers and gives no mercy when we fail.

As men, we have additional commissions. We are called to love our wives as Christ loves all of us, cherishing them moment by moment. We’re to place their lives before ours, holding them in high esteem at any cost. Our offices are also designed for us to raise our sons and daughters in an atmosphere that will allow them to develop significant lives to present to God on the day they see Him face to face. Both of these commissions produce healthy marriages and healthy families, which are the backbone of a healthy society.

Men, God has commissioned you to present strong marriages and healthy, Christ-loving families to a world that is out of answers. Reversing what the enemy has stolen begins with you. God is calling you to call upon Him to show you how to be a valiant man, who is aware of his commissions, so you can properly impact those you have been given as His steward. Are you on board?

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Jim Corbett  


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