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10/14/17 Advancing God's Kingdom

God’s kingdom advances in part by how your family grows spiritually. You and your family have an important part in the way the world comprehends the Gospel. They see the work of Jesus by the way you present Him to them.

Think of the impact you can have in the world around you. Think of the impact a spiritually mature wife and spiritually alive children can have on those they come in contact with. In no other way can their influence be more important.

Look around. Look at all the out-of-order marriages. Think of all the children who have only the world and its ways to guide them. You and your family can help make a difference in their lives as you present Jesus. As you point to Him in spoken and unspoken ways, those around you can find what they need to live a vibrant life in Christ and then point others in His direction. What a wonderful ripple effect! What an incredible opportunity!

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Jim Corbett