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5/13/16 Be Careful

In the last several months, there have been a lot of statements from supposed experts about times and seasons. Several eventful days have passed without incident or at least no visible impact. Several books were written predicting events that many took to heart. Some were very disenchanted when predicted outcomes fell short. I have heard many people give a big sigh of relief. Some even dropped the idea of needing to be focused and ready, saying it's time to get on with business as usual. Therein lies an incredibly dangerous mindset, not only to themselves, but to youthful confused believers.

Fathers, in guiding your family, make no mistake. Whether or not those with the loudest voices have times, seasons, or dates right, it is very dangerous to act as if our Father hasn't noticed the deep sin attitude in our land, a weak, self-serving church, and the reprobate spirit throughout all nations. Christians familiar with the prayer closet and the secret place of the most High God are being called to holiness and the pursuit of the bridal heart of Christ. Those dedicated to hearing His heart, rather than the predictions of man, are sure that overcoming and even prospering through what is on the horizon will take an intimate relationship with God and a Christ-like devotion. Not only is the world reeling under the weight of its sin; our Father is aligning all things according to His end-time plan.

If you are confused by what has or hasn't happened, feel as if there is no one to listen to, and you're looking for direction, the answer is the same as it has always been. Seek Jesus with every fiber of your being. Pursue Him at any cost. Determine to know Him as a bride would look for an intimate understanding of the one she is to marry. He not only has all the answers; He is the answer. Knowing Him and His heart will make your path straight and your footing sure no matter how many turns there are in the road or how many challenges the world will provide. Knowing the heart of Jesus will set you free from other people's opinions. He will direct your path to a safe place.

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Jim Corbett