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“The MASH icu Blog is designed to be a daily reinforcement tool in your walk with Christ as you, as a man of God, seek Him and read His word.”

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4/18/16 Introduction to MASH icu

I have found that most teachings about men and marriage are like having the possibility of a wonderful steak dinner, but receiving only the parsley from the plate. In a time when men will require far more power to overcome their lives, unaware or incapable teachers can only give what they know. Since there have been countless generations of fathers who had no ability to pass on a heritage that is significant in God's eyes, today's men, whether fathers or teachers, can only give away what they have been taught when there is so much more.

God is looking for valiant men, who are taught by the Holy Spirit, to lead His people through the coming difficult days. He is equipping those who decide to pursue intimacy with Him at any cost with His presence and His power. Are you that husband who wants his marriage to flourish? Are you that father who needs to rescue his children from the influences of the world? Now is the time to begin.

Starting today this MASH icu (Men After the Savior's Heart intensive care units) blog will be dedicated to you, men who see the need to be equipped and are willing to do what it takes to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to become involved in their days. Let's go for it!

Jim Corbett