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12/10/16 An Extension of His Love

       “Don’t tell me that you love Me if you close your heart to those to whom I send you. Don’t sing your praise to Me with your fists clenched tightly around what is Mine for you to give away. Do you really believe that you are acting like Jesus when you have no compassion for the needs of others? What gospel are you following? Who are you really following?

       "The world loves its own and provides for the needs of those who fall or are hurt. Where are My hands of compassion? Where is the extension of My love? Everything that you own has been bought from you by the blood of Jesus. I gave it to you in the first place. How can you reach out in the love of Jesus with your hands in your own pockets?

       "That is not the way of Jesus. That is not My way! Whose example are you following? Where is the cross in your life?” 

John 15:13 AMP 

No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends. 

I John 3:17-18 AMP

17) But if anyone has this world’s goods (resources for sustaining life) and sees his brother and fellow believer in need, yet closes his heart of compassion against him, how can the love of God live and remain in him?

18) Little children, let us not love [merely] in theory or in speech but in deed and in truth (in practice and in sincerity).  


We really need to take stock in our lives. What are our priorities? What do we value? For what does our heart long? 

Let’s rephrase those questions in a way that will be asked of us on the day we stand before the Lord face to face. What priorities did you place above Mine? What did you value more than Jesus and My desires for your life? What did you long for in your heart that had no eternal value? 

Let me walk in the truth of Your Word, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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