The 101 Group
a back to basics spiritual investment company


Jim is an author, heart revival coach, teacher, and public speaker. As a watchman with a prophetic anointing, his mission is to bring people to an understanding of the times and seasons in which we live, and lead them to be all they can be in Christ as a true place of safety. He loves to see people understand the thrill of knowing Jesus as their Lord, as he presents the heart of God in a unique fashion, using the Word, stories, and convicting exhortation to encourage Christ­like responses to today’s challenges and significant, holy lives to God.

Merry is an accomplished pianist, composer, worship leader, and writer. Her heart mission is to encourage believers in discovering the wonder and truth available in the opportunity presented to everyone because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is our desire to find ways to help you come to know the heart of Father God, the fullness of Jesus Christ, and the wonder of the Holy Spirit through our products, teachings, and music outreaches. In the many years of our faith outreach ­ running a radio station, embarking on a 5 year missions trip around the states, writing 13 books, creating a global e­mail newsletter, ministering personally and in churches through music and teaching ­ we have experienced amazing miracles, desperate personal needs, and the breathtaking presence of our glorious God.

We have witnessed His holy love during times of deep trial, and His hand in hand deliverance when nothing else could help. Through it all, we have fallen in love with a God Who is as sovereign as He says, faithful and true to His Word, as loving as His promises to us, and infinitely more powerful than we can imagine.

We claim little of this world’s wealth, but are blessed beyond our wildest dreams in Christ. We would love to have you join us in our pursuit of all that is available to us as greatly loved children of a marvelous, glorious Father God.